Super Mom

Don’t you sometimes feel like as a mom (or parent) you actually are part superhero? Don’t you feel like you should have a really cool logo on the front of your shirt? Sometimes being a mom is part superhero life – rushing to the scene of a crime or injustice and doling out TLC by the truckload – and part amusement park chaos – infuriatingly long waiting times then moments of white knuckling the lap bar while forces beyond your control make you feel like you are being hurled toward your demise.

It was only two days ago that I was at the end of my rope after being house-bound for six days with my sick Ellie. I had one day of reprieve and although I didn’t sit around eating bon bons, I will admit I tuned in to a pre-primetime (yeah, yeah, before noon, too!) showing of The Golden Girls.

Today I pulled into work and chatted with a teacher no longer than two minutes when I heard my phone ring and saw a familiar number on the screen. My kid’s school was calling to say that my oldest daughter, Sammy, threw up and needed to be picked up. You may think that I was exasperated, but I had quite the opposite experience.

I felt like Wonder Woman or Batman immediately after spying the bat signal in the sky. I was on duty! I truly adore my part time job and all the kids I tutor out of my home, but my number one job is being Mommy. And there is something thrilling about the rush of adrenaline when you have to come to the aid of a sick child. Never fear, mommy to the rescue!

I hung up the phone, looked at my fellow teacher I hadn’t seen in over a week due to flu caretaking and said, “Well at least I tried. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow!”

On my way into work I had been meandering into town in my black Mazda at a speed-limit compliant pace and did so even as I pointed my car back towards home. But, with my mommy mission in mind, I felt like I was driving the bat mobile. I could practically see an imaginary S on the hood of my car that would indicate to all the world that I was Super Mommy (Ok, maybe Bat Man and Superman would have a gripe with me comingling the comparison, but they are both superheroes!) At any rate, I was on the way to fix whatever ailment my child was suffering from.

If you are a mom and don’t imagine yourself as Super Mom, then maybe you should. I certainly know that my mom always made everything better. I had a strange sensation as I was holding my first newborn baby in my arms that I could almost remember being a baby cuddled in the safe, soft, warm crook of my own mom’s arms. I’m sure it was not a real memory, but the idea of knowing mom was a safe place was instilled in me before I had words. Even when I was twenty-one years old and home for the weekend from college, my mom was there for me when I came down with strep. I felt so awful that she drove me to the doctor so I could get a shot in the butt to feel better.

Today ended up a pretty easy care taking day. Mostly waiting on pins and needles to see if a bug was infiltrating our family. I’ll have to knock on wood, but looks like we are back on track. Which means the Bat Mobile will not likely make any rounds tomorrow. It’s a little less exciting to head out for the day without that invisible S on my shirt and car, but on a very happy note, we will hope to finally be able to perform all activities and engage in society with reckless abandon!

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