Knowing Your Limits

I think I’m having an “ah-ha” moment. As I dash around the house, picking up piles of junk from every which corner of the house and surface of each counter, dresser, vanity, and desk, I realized it’s not that I’m “unjolly” at Christmas. I just know my limits.

Not gonna lie: There may possibly be one or two gifts on the floor of our bedroom that were never put away from Christmas. Last Christmas. I like to blame these things on the hubs because I’m pretty sure those were his one or two gifts and also I like to blame the kids because I feel like I’m so busy cleaning up after and tending to those two, that I don’t get around to tidying up my own stuff.

If you are OCD, stop reading right now. Because I’m about to describe the state of my bedroom. First of all, I’d like to suggest one more excuse on the state of disaster inside my room – whenever we have a get-together, the master bedroom is where all the leftover items come to bide time. Only they never seem to leave. So really it’s like leftover-item prison: the bag of light bulbs from the store that never got put away, the children’s books I slid into my room instead of hauling upstairs at the last moment, the picture frame I bought to put the cute kid artwork in but turned out it was not the right size… I really can’t go on because it’s pretty embarrassing. Most people would say, “just clean it up!” But I guess I spend my time getting the living room tidy because that is where I spend most of my time and don’t want to look at a mess out there. I wonder how Schneebaer, my teddy bear feels about the clutter. I hope he’s not OCD. He’s not a “leftover item inmate.” He’s king of the bed when we are away. But I do wonder if he has a notepad somewhere in which he tallies the days that a certain item is left unattended to? Dang, I sure don’t want to see the tally on that Banana Republic shirt I bought last summer.

Back to knowing your limits… That Banana Republic shirt? I’m pretty sure I bought it without trying it on. First of all, that is a definite no-no for me. Because the likelihood of actually returning it is pretty slim. If you are in the market for one or two brand new shirts from Target and/or Banana Republic or picture frames, I’m your woman. It eventually becomes more efficient for me to take it to Goodwill than to dig up the receipt, write down on my To-Do List: return item, and actually make it happen.

Wow. I’m getting kinda depressed realizing how inefficient I am. Ah, but the reality is, if I have “return frame” on my list and I wake up on Tuesday, the day starts in a tizzy: feed the kids, get kids dressed, get self dressed. Get people fed, shuttle people to school and work. If I didn’t find the frame and receipt the night before, it sure isn’t gonna happen during the morning chaos.

So, no, I’m not grumpy at Christmas. I just know that the decorating must eventually become the task of un-decorating. As swift as I was with the decorating, the un-decorating came at the usual Jody pace – slow. We still have a couple stocking stuffers to put away and shirts to hang. I guess I’d rather watch sitcoms at night than do more chores. Oh and then we had that snow day and had to launder the snow clothes, the lice day where we had to launder the lice clothes, and the sick day where we had to launder the vomit clothes. Yeah, I’m full of excuses. I can pretty much think of any excuse to avoid chores and tasks unless it is fun.

So next year I will try to remember (but if I will have written myself a reminder I’m sure I won’t be able to find it then) that I need to know my limits. I should not decorate for every season. I was a tad sad that we didn’t decorate for Halloween, then we attempted to decorate for Thanksgiving, but forgot we had even bought a cute turkey for the kitchen table. One day I’ll find a system that works – like display one artwork from each kid that indicates the season. But for the next 350-some-odd days, my goal is to release the prisoners of my bedroom, and possibly shut the gates to any potential new-comers. How fun will vacuuming be when I don’t have to shuffle leftover items around beforehand?! Here’s to a prison-free 2017!

2 thoughts on “Knowing Your Limits

  1. Sounds like the chaos of a happy childhood. Don’t let it worry you, plenty of time to clean once those sweet girls are grown up.


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