Today’s Morning Cuppa Jo brought to you by: Analysis Paralysis

I have a problem. I suffer from “analysis paralysis.” And all it does is hold me back in life. Take today for instance. I am SO excited to be starting my blog! I could hardly sleep last night due to all the ideas rolling around in my head. Even after walking at the park as I drove home, I was writing up stories in my head; at least 5 or 6 vignettes. Then I sit down at the  computer and: blank! Blank screen. Blank brain! Luckily I did one smart thing the other day as the idea of beginning my blog percolated into more of an action plan than a “someday” idea—I jotted down a list of topics I knew I wanted to write about. Thank God! Took a glance at my iPhone Notes and read analysis paralysis. Well, ironically, that’s a start!

You know those people who are constantly getting things done? Like they say they are going to convert their dining room into a playroom and in two days it is transformed?! I don’t understand these people! How do they not get stymied by problems such as buying a rug in the wrong size? I encounter one small bump in the road and I just can’t seem to visualize how to get to my end result. Hopping in the car to head back to the Home Depot or Target to exchange a rug would wear me out. In fact, the mere thought of running one more errand wears me out! But, luckily, I have one of these “doers” as a friend!

Here’s how I, a non-doer, start a project. Step One: consider converting a room of the basement into a classroom. Step Two: consider needing to go through all the boxes to de-clutter the space. Step Three: spend six hours in the basement looking through old things in the boxes and reading old German Class tests and chuckling. Find “lost treasures!” My German-speaking alarm clock is definitely a treasure. Man, when it cock-a-doodle-dooed in my college dorm, I don’t know how my roommate didn’t throw it at my face! But doing all that piddling around in the basement also means get really dusty. Feel paralyzed by the dust and think of nothing other than taking a shower ASAP. But it is 2:33 and the bus comes at 2:45. Stare at the clock for a solid four minutes while trying to decide if it is possible to shower and put on clothes before the bus arrives. The Kindergartener and Second Grader would really freak out if I wasn’t on the driveway and the bus had to keep making its rounds with them still on board. Damn. I’m still on Step Three. Several days later I make it to Step Four: peruse home improvement stores for plyboard, beadboard, and pegboard.

Remember I said I have a doer for a friend? Y’all, this makes ALL the difference in the world (to a person like me! God, I hope there is one person in the universe who understands this analysis paralysis. Surely I’m not the only one!) I said to my friend, “can you meet me at the surplus store to pick up some plyboard?” She’s got a Honda Odyssey and that bad boy can carry massive loads of freight! The very next day (see, I told you she is a doer!) we are loading up what will be my new “walls” in the basement. I’m telling her thanks and “can I borrow your nail gun?” “Sure,” she replies, “how about I run home and get it and we can just go ahead and put these up today?”  I told her I wasn’t sure I was ready. After all, Step Six is to stare at your space and your supplies for an hour while you ponder which board you want to put up first – and from the left side or the right side? But wait, it’s too hard to make decisions while hungry so skip ahead to Step Six B and make a sandwich then resume Step Six for another half hour. “I think I need to figure out how I want to set it up,” I spit out. She looks at me with a look that says “JoPo, really?? It’s boards. You use nails. Why wait?” I conceded to her look and all of its antagonizing encouragement, “Ok!”

And before it was anywhere near time to wait for the bus, I had walls in my basement! And that is why, if you are a “figure-it-outer” like me, you best find one of these doers and put them on speed dial. They will save you weeks or months of “figuring it out time!”

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